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First Screenie!!

Gasphift DevBlog Entry #006 - SCREENIE!


Gasphift DevBlog Entry #005 - Sprites Continued

Below you will see a few screens of some of the sprites Gasphift has to offer.

Gasphift DevBlog Entry #004 - The Sprites

Gasphift DevBlog Entry #003 - The Music

2008-03-29 00:25:46 by HaloBenish

18 Tracks were recorded in one non-stop recording seesion which lasted about 3 hours. The music has a purposly off-beat/odd/bad sound to it to fit the game.

Please check the Audio Portal everyday as two new songs from the soundtrack will be realeased daily.

Gasphift DevBlog Entry #002 - The Concept

2008-03-29 00:14:42 by HaloBenish

One day while eating cereal some guy blows up and his legs and head land somewhere, far away fron where his torso and arms landed.
So basically you like play as the legs and head, and collect the torso and arms each level and like switch between which your playing as.

Gasphift DevBlog Entry #001 - The Team

2008-03-28 23:53:49 by HaloBenish

Art, Animation, Sound Effects - MRat
Coding, Music - HaloBenish
Narration - The-Swain